Welcome to the Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt has begun!

Easter Eggs is a collection of Chia Asset Tokens that introduces role-playing mechanisms into the world of CATs.

Easter Egg Tokens include 5 different Eggs. Common, Rare, Very Rare, Legendary and Epic Eggs. You can exchange, find or win these Eggs.

Each Egg can also be bought and can be upgraded to higher rarity ranks. You can start by posting an Easter Egg on our discord or Twitter.


Common Easter Egg [EGG]

The Common Easter Egg is the Egg with the highest volume. You can get this Egg by sharing an Easter Egg in the “share-your-easter-eggs” Channel on our discord Server.

Rare Easter Egg [EGGR]

The Rare Easter Egg is harder to obtain. You will have to hunt it down on different places and even solve puzzles. Maybe there is even one hiding on this Website? Who knows?!

Very Rare Easter Egg [EGGV]

The Very Rare Easter Egg can only be obtained by upgrading Rare Easter Eggs. This Eggs can also be won in future events. So follow us and do not miss this opportunities!


Legendary Easter Egg [EGGL]

The Legendary Easter Egg can only be obtained by upgrading Very Rare Easter Eggs. They are one of the rarest Easter Eggs we offer.


Epic Easter Egg [EGGE]

The Epic Easter Egg is the peak of Easter Eggs we offer. With only 100 in existence this is a truly unique Egg. It can only be obtained by upgrading Legendary Easter Eggs.


How many Eggs are in existence?

Common Easter Eggs
Rare Easter Eggs
Very Rare Easter Eggs
Legendary Easter Eggs
Epic Easter Eggs

How does the upgrade work?

All Eggs can be upgraded to the next rank by a ratio of 10:1. For Example you exchange 10 Common Eggs to 1 Rare Egg. Down below you can see which Eggs can be exchanges to which Eggs.










Battle Eggs NFT Collection

The Battle Eggs NFT Collection is a Collection of 10.000 Battle Egg NFTs, 1.000 Legendary Battle Eggs and 100 Epic Battle Eggs. They are available in 6 different Variants. You can find all Informations here:

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